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Because of the grey areas in Alabama and Federal regulations, delta 8 THC is readily available and unrestricted.

Some states in the nation have succeeded in banning delta 8 THC, and an Alabama senator attempted to ban it as recently as 2021, but no firm action has been taken against the new type of THC.

Delta 8 THC appears to be safe in Alabama, for now.

Delta 8 THC products remain largely unregulated in Alabama. De facto, they could be considered legal. Recent legislation to ban the products has been proposed, but it was quickly shot down in the Alabama Senate. THC analogs such as delta 8 THC have been a growing segment of the hemp industry nationwide.


Alabama’s cannabis laws are similar to federal ones. Ever since the implementation of the Farm Bill in 2018, Alabama law does not prohibit the sale of delta 8 THC and other hemp derivatives, consistent with federal law. Because Alabama’s laws on delta 8 THC are similar to federal ones, it’s important to look at what that federal law is — The 2018 Farm Bill.

Essentially, the 2018 Farm Bill made it so that only delta 9 THC is illegal — so long as something contains less than 0.3 percent of that, it’s legal. Alabama law follows this, and no strong regulations have been taken against other forms of THC, such as the delta 8 variant.

On a federal level, the Farm Bill aimed to reform how hemp, cannabis, and its byproducts are defined. Most hemp derivatives, such as CBD and delta 8 THC, were decriminalized as a result. Highly potent cannabis components, such as delta 9 THC, are nevertheless subject to federal regulations.

Almost all forms and derivatives of hemp, including its psychoactive component, delta 9 THC, were illegal before the Farm Bill. The federally controlled substance regulations did not distinguish between hemp products that were or were not mind-altering.


Delta 10 falls under the same regulations as delta 8 THC — as long as it’s made from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, it’s legal in the state of Alabama. 

This cannabinoid has the same effect profile as delta 9 and delta 8, emphasizing and creativity-enhancing benefits.

Delta 10, like delta 8 THC, has enough molecular variation to discern it from delta 9 THC, making it justifiable under the Farm Bill.

Overall, delta 10 THC products should be treated the same way that delta 8 THC products are. When buying something, it’s important to pay attention to quality and legality.


You do not need a medical card to purchase delta 8 THC products in Alabama. 

In Alabama, the sale of delta 8 THC products is not regulated. Although growing is very regulated, anyone of age can buy delta 8 THC in Alabama without any medical card or prescription. The laws around this are the same as CBD products. However, it is recommended that one purchases their delta 8 THC or CBD products from reliable vendors.

Alabama has started to lay the seeds for a medical marijuana program this year. New legislation called the Darren Wesley Ato Hall Compassion Act has started to allow for the use of medical cannabis for patients with conditions such as Crohn’s disease, HIV or AIDS, epilepsy, and even depression, according to a report from the National Law Review.

The new law does not allow for recreational marijuana use. Still, it does permit medical marijuana to be distributed through doctors eventually, NLR said — most prescriptions would be edibles, topical ointments, and nebulizer oil.


D8 Vape Carts and hemp buds

In the U.S, federal law requires that all online vendors verify age before selling any vape products. This is because of the PACT Act, passed by Congress initially to cut down on cigarette trafficking. Congress updated the original PACT statute in 2020. This amendment added vaping devices to the list of regulated products

However, the definition of vape devices for this statute is fairly broad. The new PACT act prohibitions essentially embrace anything linked with vaping, including delta 8 THC. This includes juice, batteries, cartridges, accessories, and even delta 8 THC products.

Because the ATF closely monitors companies, if a vendor does not comply, the ATF is likely to know. However, a corporation that does not comply with age verification may be cutting corners elsewhere. Although it’s a modest price to pay, age verification does necessitate more resources to conduct business online.

A vendor not having those resources to do so much as verify your age may not have the resources to provide trustworthy products. Look toward vendors with reliable tests.

A good vendor will keep a clean reputation by providing quality delta 8 THC products under Alabama and federal hemp regulations. Once products make it to market, they must contain less than .3 percent of delta 9 THC to be legal.


Delta 8 THC are virtually identical structurally, be it not for a difference in the location of a double-bond in their chemical structure.

Despite how similar they look, there are some clear differences in how they’re regulated and their effects on the body.


Delta 9 THC is prohibited; delta 8 THC is unregulated as long as it’s made from hemp.

The reason for this is because of how specific federal law is. The DEA list of Schedule I substances specifically names delta 9 THC. There is no mention of delta 8 THC anywhere in the DEA database.


The effect profiles of delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC overlap a lot. Both alter the perception of time and sensory information, promote introspective and out-of-the-box thinking, and both produce an expanded state of awareness.

There are also health benefits that overlap for each of these compounds due to their interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

The difference between these molecules is the tone of the experience. Delta 8 is way more chilled-out and relaxed than delta 9. It’s mellower, about half or two-thirds as strong, and is way less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia as a side effect. This compound is preferred by people who like the effects of THC but find conventional THC products make them too anxious or hyperactive.


D8 products such as capsules, tinctures and oil extracts with hemp buds and leaves

Since the oil contains the most delta 8 THC by volume, it is used in various goods. Before becoming the foundation for numerous hemp products, delta 8 THC oil is chemically extracted from industrial hemp.

Delta 8 THC is available in a range of products. All of which is fairly similar to how CBD and cannabis are used. Each approach has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but vape cartridges are the most popular. Vape cartridges have the greatest delta 8 THC, while hemp “flower” and gummies are often little more than delta 8 oil sprayed over a product.

When purchasing delta 8 THC, some options include Delta 8 Disposable vape cartridges, D8 tinctures and oils, edibles such as D8 gummies or baked goods, and even cannabis-style flowers that can be smoked. The range of consumption for delta 8 THC is very similar to how other forms of cannabis can be consumed.

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The most trusted and safe option is to get delta 8 THC from an online supplier. This empowers customers to purchase directly from the manufacturer, avoiding the risk of dealing with an intermediary who only serves to jack up the price and extends the duration of storage.

Although delta 8 THC is readily accessible in convenience stores and smoke shops, no legislation governs its sale. Employees in convenience stores are unlikely to understand exactly where their delta 8 goods came from, and the threat of fraud or contamination is considerable.

Hemp growers in Alabama undergo a strict regulatory process from federal and state agencies that ensure a safe raw hemp product. The same goes for manufacturers that then isolate the delta 8 THC or other cannabinoids from the sample.

Because of state-mandated lab tests, manufacturers can accurately mark their products. When you purchase from a mediator, that label can be changed or swapped.

Fraud is not unheard of in the hemp industry; it’s a growing segment of the economy, which means everyone wants a cut. Getting a label straight from the manufacturer means a product hasn’t been cut with anything. The best way to do this is to search online for a local Alabama hemp producer that features delta 8 THC products.


Alabama is moving forward with the baby steps of a new medicinal marijuana program. Although full recreational marijuana does not seem to be coming closer on the horizon, it is a possibility that federal legalization may change Alabama laws.

For now, delta 8 THC is safe to be sold in Alabama. While a recent push to classify the THC analog as illegal was almost successful, the legislation never actually banned the substance. For the time being, the product is too significant a part of Alabama hemp growers’ income to be made illegal.

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