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Official Farmacy delta 8 disposable premium thc vape pen

Charles Woodliff

Improved Delta 8 Pen

The new Delta 8 pen with the usb port - burns and lasts longer without effecting the potency og the contents.

official farmacy purple dream flower

Vito Fernandez

Great Stuff

The last batch was awesome and can't wait till the next week to order some more, you guys are amazing people.

Elizabeth Vannett


I have really enjoyed this product. I have purchased online flower, gummies and vapes and this Purple Dream

Official Farmacy flower

Jeffery Erickson

Good Stuff

Smells great, looks good, your prices are fantastic and I think the product is, that's why I keep coming back.

Official Farmacy delta 8 disposable premium thc vape pen

Robert Dobstaff

Was surprised, took a chance

Great service, great tracking, 2nd time ordering. I love this Diesel. Very creative.

John Goote


Better than I expected helps me wind down before bed getting ready to order another batch.

official farmacy purple dream flower

Kerri Marks


I honestly didn't think it would work but wow very impressed and would recommend to all (that are of age) lol

Peg Froehle

Awesome Offering

I was surprised at how mellow I felt, and giggly too. My body felt more at ease than it usually does. I have several

Official Farmacy flower

William Cahan

Happy customer

Shipping is super fast, product is primo, no better source for my meds! I have an appetite now and sleep comes easier!!


A leap forward in Cannabis

Crafted with only the finest ingredients, Official Farmacy uses a state of the art cold water extraction process to deliver the cleanest concentrate available on the market.


Happy Customers 😊

Clean Smoke

Re-designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver a premium experience.

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210 mAh Battery

Micro USB

Inhale Activation

Anti-clogging Medial-Grade PCTG


Pure Flower

No fillers, cutting agents or additives ever


Total THC*

*Hemp Derived THC. % Varies by strain/batch.

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