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Will re-order again


It was relaxing smelled good.

Love it

I just got my oder and I love it I will. E order it again next month thanks

Sour Diesel Flower

Sour Diesel Flower


It was good..a sort of odd aftertaste but a wicked high

Purple Dream Flower
Elizabeth O.

I liked the buzz but it did not last long.

Cookie crumble

Not bad I like it didn't last long

Delta-8 Gummies
Daniel S.
Excellent product

Product is excellent, shipping prompt with updates along the way.

Durban Poison Flower

Sour by no means

Get me tuned in for a while but not as long as I like

Sour Diesel Flower

Initially it tasted great but aftertaste had a very strong shwaggy taste smelled great though and it did have a good effect to it

Nice mellow buzz

It looks good, has a nice taste, and gives you a nice mellow buzz

Purple Dream Flower

Durban Poison Flower

Purple Dream Flower

Fresh and good. Will buy again.


Mellow and satisfying, very pleased with this product. love the packaging, keeps it fresh and! the fragrance is super.


Surprisingly tasty and effective

How do you do you know when to charge it is a Charge dooor ready I charged it and then it shut off. I plugged it in again and he lit three times.

Disposable vape pen

Well worth it, I will definitely be buying it again


Didn't do it for me...but for whomever it does, it's very mild. ✨

There nice we were very happy with them

Sour Diesel Flower


This flower is great a must try